New Blog Post today March 23, 2011

New Video Loop - Using Photoshop and VideoPad (see blog post)

Midi Music is by Jean Michel Jarre from his album Oxygene c.1977

Thank You, Larry Ullman

LarryUllman, Effortless E-Commerce with PHP and MySQL

I just received my copy, I had to buy this book! To get your copy, click on the book and it will take you to my Amazon affiliate store,

LarryUllman, Effortless Flex 4 Development

Larry Ullman at had a book giveaway for his latest book, Effortless Flex 4 Development, through his newsletter, I entered and I won!!!
Hello Enid,
Thanks for your interest in the Flex book. I'm happy to say that a signed copy is all yours.
Thanks for sharing your story with me. Computers really provide opportunities to people regardless of age and experience (I have an English degree, for example). I wish you luck with this endeavor!
Best wishes and congrats,


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I will have photos that I have taken, photos I have restored and some just funny or inspiring photos I have found elsewhere (they will be labled as not my work).

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A Foggy Fresno Morning

A Foggy Fresno Morning

While out on a photo shoot for a bee hive removal I shot this street scene.

Mt. St. Helen

Mt. St. Helen

Mt.St. Helen May 13, 2010 taken from the U. S. Forest Service web cam.

The High Definition web cam has been having some problems, the colors are interesting.